How to Optimise The Mobile World Congress
Smart companies are diversifying their marketing strategies to harness better business.

The best networking is being done outside

So creating a cool event or party in the city has become as essential as having a stand in the congress, says events specialist Diego Fabra.

With over 107,000 tech hipsters all on the hunt for the next best thing to do at night, marketing directors are on the look out for original strategies to tap into this stream of potential.

After spending all day at the congress in a more formal setting, the night has become the time to play. People want to try  out new experiences and connect in a more relaxed atmosphere and discover cool spaces in the city to network and party.

Top brands are cashing into this demand as attendants are more receptive to sharing and open to doing business.

Fabra Davies has become the insiders contact for A listers. This boutique agency works with everyone from Amazon to Digital Health Tech companies to create tailor made packages in the city. With an insiders knowledge of the coolest places in town and an edgy creative capacity, they create both stands and night events for inside and outside the MWC.

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