What have 2 Monkeys, a Welsh Hospital and BBC Comedians got in common?

So what is a Spanish guy doing supporting a Welsh Cancer hospital with BBC Comedians, in Spain?

It´s easy my partner is Welsh, we do a lot of pro bono work and I went to Machu Pichu last year with these fine people.


Machu Pichu, hang on now I´m even more confused!

Well yes I was asked by one of the ambassadors of Velindre, the comedian Rhod Gilbert  to join him and about 50 other Welsh people to climb up Machu Pichu to raise funds for cancer research.

It took me about 2 seconds to say yes.

There were a lot of other comedians on the climb, and one night laughing in a tent, I thought how nice it would be to bring some laughs to Sitges. So that’s how the idea was born. I´ve called the comedy nights the Two Monkeys Club, just to add a bit more confusion, laughs.


So how many shows have you done?

Well it will be five shows this year, although I can´t say we´ve made much money because flights and have been quite high in the summer. But we´ve decided to keep going because it´s so much fun.


So who have you had over?

We´ve been really lucky actually, all the people are pretty well known on the scene and are on shows like the Apollo, Ruseell Howards Good News .

Barry Castiglioni,  Stephen Carlin, Rob Deering, Angela BArnes, Bobby Mair, Harriet Kemsley, Imran Yusuf…


Tell me about Velindre?

Velindre is a pretty big deal, they ve managed to double survival rates in the last 40 years, they really are cutting edge in terms of compassion and care and outcomes. Thanks to people like Andrew and blah Yes of course thanks to Andrew  blah blah they also have an extensive community and of fundraisers and Id urge anyone who wants to make a difference to get involved.

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